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Privacy Policy

1) The market reports provided by Global Info Reports are subject to internal use by the client and under any circumstances it cannot be used for third party distribution or general publication. We do not take responsibility for any incorrect information, numbers or analysis received from the report manufacturers or users.

2) Global Info Reports respects the clients’ privacy rights and safeguards personal information at all times. We are 100% committed to keeping client data and personal information protected; and we do not share any of your information unless you authorize us to do so.

3) The employees at Global Info Reports, sellers and service providers are all asked to strictly follow our privacy policy.

4) Global Info Reports asks for personal information when…

…you want to view the detailed information about our products.

…you subscribe to our Alert or newsletter services.

…you wish to submit a query related to our products and services to the customer service agent.

…you buy our products.

And the various types of personal information that may be gathered in those pages are – name, company name, title, mail address, contact number, fax number and credit card information.

5) When you make any kind of purchase, your information will be mandatorily stored in our system in order to complete the buying process and verifying the credit card information.

6) Apart from the aforementioned situation, the information, queries and purchases that you make are also recorded. This is done so that you and we can keep a track of the products ordered directly on our website.

7) We abide by the laws and regulations of the land we conduct our business. Therefore, if law demands, we do set aside the right to disclose your personal information; only if we believe that the disclosure is necessary to defend our right and/or to go with a court order or any legal proceeding served on our website.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our privacy policy or you wish to unsubscribe your name from our marketing lists, please write to us at sales@globalinforeports.com

Changes in Policy Statement

Global Info Reports may update the above mentioned policy statement from time to time by a bettered version of the same on our website. For details in the Policy changes, please refer to this page regularly.