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Quantum dot LED (QLED) – A Novel Electronic Technology



The olden days were the days when our ancestors believed in the art of simplicity. This principle of simplicity was extended to each and every aspect of life that included clothing, jewelry, accessories and many more aspects that they were a part of. The current generation believes in the science called technology. And just like before, Technology has also forayed into each and every aspect of our lives as well.QLED technology is one of the most advanced resolution technologies that is highly advanced and one of the most popular displays that is available in the markets right now. It is widely used in the electronic and electrical gadget industry. It is used for the display and screen purposes. The market for QLED is vast and it is constantly growing as it is used for television manufacturing as well as for laptops and various other devices as well.

QLED is one of the most expensive form of displays that are available among the others being LCD, LED, Plasma, and Retina. In a time that is filled with young people trying to figure out their way among the most advanced gadgets, technology has to keep constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of the younger generation and that is exactly what the evolution of QLED has done for the society as a whole.

Market for QLED Technology:

QLED technologyhave been coming out in the form of various prototypes that can perform simple and basic functions since the early 2000’s. However, their popularity skyrocketed only from the mid 2014’s when the new, sleek design of these electronic gadgets with resolution display was launched.

The market for QLED technologyis huge especially because of the growing population of youth all over the world and the dependence of people on the technological devices all over the world. The market for QLED technologyhas a very high expected growth between the periods of 2016 and 2022 and by the end of the year 2021 the market for QLED technologyis anticipated to reach a few billions by the end of the year 2022.

According to different regions, North America has the highest demand for QLED technologyfor various purposes that is followed closely by the European markets. However according to the fastest growth rate, Asian countries have the largest growing demand for QLED technologydue to the presence developing countries with huge population.


QLED is one of the most advanced forms of display screen that we have ever come across and this is the reason why it enjoys a lot of popularity.