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A Highly Contagious Disease – Anthrax And Its Vaccine



Anthrax is an infection that affects the animals and the humans. It affects the capacity of a person to breathe by affecting the skin and the epidermis layer. The incubation period of the anthrax disease is very large and ranges from one week to a period of two months and anthrax is also of four types where in the four forms are through inhalation, skin, intestinal ad injection.It is caused by a bacteria that goes by the name Bacillus anthracis and it can spread very quickly from animals to humans. The disease is quiet easy to identify as it presents itself in the form of a blister on the skin. It is highly contagious, though its spread has been highly contained.

Anthrax is one of the major diseases that affects the humans and it is spread through a bacteria and can be easily transmitted from an animal to a person or from a person to another.It is also the one that can rise immediately with respects to severity if it is left untreated. It affects people more in the developing countries rather than the developed countries for obvious reasons like lack of proper infrastructure for clean water, proper sanitation facilities and proper healthcare facilities that can be instrumental in preventing the rapid progress of the disease in a person.

Due to the lack of all these facilities, a lot of people including the very old to the very young can suffer from infections like Anthrax. However Anthrax has also been causing deaths among the very young children who still are entitled to live an entire life ahead of them but are deprived of this opportunity. Even if they manage to survive the infection, they lead a very poor quality of life throughout their existence with frequent visits to the doctor and using the help of a nebulizer for help in something as basic as breathing. They are reduced to a vegetable with a poor quality of life to lead only because their country cannot afford to provide them with vaccines.

Vaccines For Anthrax

The first vaccine for anthrax was developed by the Soviet Union when the first world war broke out and the disease was used as biological warfare. Nowadays the vaccine is approved by the FDA and the CDC and it has played a major role in the containment of the disease to a very large extent.


Anthrax is a deadly infection that needs to be treated in time otherwise it can become too late to take up any kind of treatment.