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Production and effect of Collagenase



Collagenase refers to zinc endopeptidases that happen to be the enzymes aiding in the break down process of collagens. Collagens could be primarily formed by the breakdown of pro-collagens and this is made possible by the effect of secreted collagenase. Collagenases are generally produced as a part of immune response by bodies. Some bacteria produce these enzymes as well.

Production and effect of collagenase:

The production of collagenase is stimulated by cytokines. Cytokines consequently result in being the inducers of cells like osteoblasts and fibroblasts. This could end up in the damage of tissues. Various medical treatments require the usage of collagenases; hence, they play an essential role in the therapeutic sector of medicine. Collagenases represent the type of enzymatic molecules that would apparently increase the effectiveness of the producer.  Hence, enzymes like collagenases are referred to as virulence factors. They are capable of vigorously spreading gas gangrene and attack the muscle cells predominantly and various other organs in the body as well.

Market value of collagenase:

Market analysts reveal that the Global market value of collagenase enzyme production industry is expected to grow at a significant Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent and furnish large revenue shares in the impending years.This growth curve is essentially driven by the growing demand for the enzyme in research oriented industries and treatment based industries. These enzymes are recognized in bacteria like Vibrio and Clostridium genera. The collagenase enzyme procured from these organisms is used for various medical purposes. They are generally used in removal of tissues that have become dead. Patients who had gotten burnt or succumbed to ulcer sort of conditions are removed of their tissues using collagenase producing bacteria like Vibrio. On the other hand, the segregated collagenase from clostridium is used for the treatment of bed wounds; however clostridium perfringens are detrimental pathogens that are responsible for causing clostridial myonecrosis or gas gangrene. The exotoxins present in these bacteria are tremendously lethal and are referred to as alpha toxins.

Market trend:

The market is dominated by players like Roche, Thermofisher, Worthington Biochemical, Nordmark Arzneimittel and Qiaoyuan. The market will be driven in the upcoming years by the inception of expanded space for clinical and research related applications. The market will be dominated by European countries due to increasing opportunities for carrying out processes pertaining to research and exploration; and the ample range of funds provided by the European Government. 


The market of cell dissociation reagents and tissue dissociation reagents will effectively get boosted up due to the optimal space furnished for research growth and the increasing rate of diseases encompassing the removal of dead tissues.