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Importance of BCG Vaccine



BCG vaccine could be expanded as Bacillus Calmette - Guerin vaccine that is being used essentially in the treatment process of tuberculosis.  Bladder cancer requires the treatment procedure entailing the usage of BCG vaccine as well. Injection is given into the skin and immunization procedures are invariably carried out for children. Market analysts have reported that this industry would exhibit robust growth due to the increase in awareness created amongst people regarding the harmfulness of tuberculosis conditions and the enhanced cost efficient techniques for diagnosis procedures. National childhood immunization program majorly concentrates on infants as the crucial targets for BCG vaccination due to the pervasiveness of tuberculosis observed amongst young children.

Market value of BCG vaccine:

The Global market value of BCG vaccine manufacturing industries is expected to reach a new high in the upcoming years with considerable Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent as divulged by market analysts. This is essentially due to the increase of tuberculosis patients. The intensity of security after vaccination is said to last for a time period between ten and twenty years. This varies for children and adults. The susceptibility for developing the infection is around 80 percent as in the cases of children. Other than vaccination for tuberculosis, buruli cancer could be treated as well using this type of procedure. Also,this type of vaccination minimizes the risk for recurrence of cancer in the bladder lining. U.S.A dominates the market with highest revenue yield apparently as a consequence of space provided for the usage of technological advancements; whilst other countries offer comparatively lesser space for real time inception of a product in the market. Hence, this stands as a barrier for potential growth. However, Asian pacific market poses consistent space for growth.

Market trend:

The major players in the market include GSBPL, Intervax, Japan BCG laboratory, Serum institute of India, CDIBP, Shanyao group, SIBP, Statens serum institute, Merck, Sanofi Pasteur and other influential manufacturers. Tuberculosis is very harmful and has the capability of affecting lungs, joints, bones, kidneys and other parts of the body as well. There have been numerous reasons pointed out for the variable efficacy of BCG in different countries. This essentially includes genetic variation in populations, genetic variation in BCG strains, high exposure to environmental mycobacteria and the interference by concurrent parasitic infection, which could blunt the effect of BCG vaccines. Hence, geographical locations play crucial roles in the determination of market trend.


The high rampancy of tuberculosis, bladder cancer, leprosy, buruli cancer and various other threatening conditions has consequently boosted the growth rate of this market.