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How does Bacterial Vaginosis Drug help?



Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) refers to the infected condition of vagina caused due to inordinate growth of bacteria. The presence of this condition in women increases the probability for the risk of various sexually transmitted infections that also includes HIV/AIDS and also results in early delivery as in the cases of pregnant women. The usage of intrauterine device, antibiotics, douching and new or multiple sex partners are the risk factors implicated with this condition. The common symptoms observed include vaginal discharge that gives off the smell of fish and the burning sensation observed while urination. Bacterial Vaginosis is generally the imbalance observed in the number of bacteria; this implies the presence of excessive bacteria that are not lactobacilli supposedly. The most commonly preferred drugs for the treatment of this condition include metronidazole and clindamycin. These conditions are likely to recur after the medication period and this could be possibly deterred by the usage of probiotics. However, there have been no clear evidences as to which of these drugs (antibiotics and probiotics) affect pregnancy outcomes.

Market value and drivers of bacterial Vaginosis drug:

The Global market value of bacterial Vaginosis drug manufactory industries will furnish high revenue shares in the upcoming years marking significant growth with a large Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent, as reported by market analysts. The market is heavily driven by factors revolving around the prevalence of diseases caused by bacteria. Women in their reproductive age are majorly influenced by this condition. This encompasses women between the age group of 14 and 49. The market could be potentially restrained by the adverse effects caused after medication procedures. The drug metronidazole has been included in the list of essential medicines of World Health Organization and is the preferable medication for non pregnant women. These medications are available for oral consumption and in the form of gel application intravaginal.

Market trend:

The major competitors in the market include Abbott, Sanofi, Galderma, Pfizer, Piramal, Bayer, Mission and others. The drug market is heavily dominated by North American countries essentially due to various favorable regulations and amendments passed by the Government and the expanded space provided for research oriented centers; also, the lavish fund opportunities offered by the Government agencies has inordinately influenced the market growth rate on a positive note. On the other hand, the disease is prevalently observed in the areas of Africa and demands the usage of these drugs; however, the market hasn’t seen any improvements in the growth whatsoever.


Bacterial Vaginosis could end up in pregnancy complications and the spread of various sexually transmitted infections. This has essentially driven the market growth rate of the bacterial Vaginosis drug manufacturing industries.