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Drugs for Schistosomiasis and the need for therapy!


What problem are we mentioning?

Since the beginning of time, there have been constant allergies and diseases that the body gets exposed to, that have still not been discovered by scientists. One such invention came into picture in the year 1851 in Germany, and this was earlier named ‘bilharzia,’ often called the ‘snail fever.’ This directly affects the lower body, making it awfully difficult for urination and secretion to take place through the body.

Schistosomiasis is a problem that is usually caused by parasitic flatworms that spread across the intestines and affect the urination system. Thy not only grow in the body, but make digestion and even rupture some parts of the body, causing blood to come out through stool or urination. Further shall be discovered about the symptoms and drugs fighting this problem in the following article.

Market changes and growth

This is a global market of pharmaceutical companies coming together to form a globalized industry. The production of these medicines has been stagnant for a few financial quarters, but is expecting to grow in the upcoming quarters.

Further details about this drug

This disease can be genetic, and has sometimes taken lives because it spread radically. Most of the patients, who get diagnosed with schistosomiasis, might face liver failure, kidney failures or even a multiple organ failure in the body. It does not only spread, but also multiples the bacteria that it produces in the stomach, causing blood to some out during secretion of wastes out of the human body. One of the leading causes of this problem is definitely contaminated water and the hygiene conditions of where one resides. ‘Snails’ become a huge part of spreading this, and these are parasites that come with those. Children are supposed to be the ones picking this disease up first, because of their exposure to different environments.

There are various drugs that the healthcare industry has worked on, to make sure that something like this if not prevented, but can at least be cured. One of the leading drugs is named amoscanate, arteether, and oltipraz. These were developed to understand the severity of schistosomiasis in the body. There are different types of doses given for this, depending on how much the infection has spread.

Concluding it

Hygiene is an important factor that causes this and therefore, contaminated water or food, or something that gets rotten needs to be thrown away and should not be exposed to the environment at any point, because of the bacteria this can catch.


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