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What are Karl Fischer Titrators?



Karl Fischer titration refers to the chemical titration procedure that implicates the estimation of water traces in a provided sample. Coulometric titration, volumetric titration are the two categories of titration procedures followed using Karl Fischer Titrators. After multitude of changes over years, we currently have the advantageously automatized Karl Fischer titrator or KF titrator. Moisture determination procedures could be alternatively followed to measure the traces of water; however Karl Fischer titrators stand out with estimation qualities that ensure speed, accuracy and selectivity. The maintenance qualities of products are to be ensured in various industrial firms. Crucial sectors like food, oil, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries necessitate the usage of titration procedures to ensure quality.

Market value of Karl Fischer Titrators:

The major competitors in the market include Hanna instruments, Hach Lange, Analytik Jena, Metrohm, Hiranuma sangyo, Mettler toledo,Mitsubishi chemical,Kyoto electronics,ECH, Xylem, and other industrial corporations.Market analysts have forecasted the growth of titrator manufactory industries’ growth potential with huge Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent pattern. This is effectively due to the pivotal quality assessment needs for a specific product and often the presence of water can affect characteristics like reactivity, stability, and quality. Based upon applications, the need for titration tests pertaining to moisture assay encompasses organic and inorganic compounds, raw materials, natural products and industrial products. The increasing demands for quality assured organic products have highly promoted the requirements of Karl Fischer titration methodologies. There are potential restraints in the market as well. Karl Fischer titrations are not applicable for the evaluation of every chemical solution. Noticeably, the solution containing dimethyl sulfoxide cannot be titrated using KF titrators due to the strong redox chemistry of those compounds; however automation has outweighed the potential constraint.A Stromboli model of Karl Fischer oven auto sampler has the capability of automation when connected with V30 or C30 Karl Fischer titrator. This renders 14 samples to be titrated in a single stretch without the need for the attendance of personnel. Automated titrators have proven to ensure accurate results and have been pondered aseasy handling, compact technique engrossing titration mechanism acolytes.

Market trend:

The physical contact with chemicals while titrating could turn out to be detrimental for skin health. This is an apparent restraint when considered titrations entailing the old modeled Karl Fischer titrators. However, this has been tackled effectively by the presence of solvent manager in an automatized titrator that ensures the appropriate filling of apt reagents without physical touch. The market growth is inevitable with growing industrial sectors requiring assessment methodologies.


The moisture evaluation procedure is crucial for various sectors and technologically efficient automatized Karl Fischer titrators have proven to score high in that aspect.