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Several Health Benefits of Manuka Honey



Manuka honey is a product obtained from nature’s basket. It is a product of manuka tree’s nectar. This product is generally used as an alternative medicine. It extends antibacterial properties. This product possesses the property of being the most viscous amongst all the available honeys. This property is owed to a colloid or protein present in this honey. The presence of this protein provides a unique look to this product and gives it a typically dark cream to dark brown color. Manuka honey has a strong characteristic flavor which is oily, earthy and herbaceous. 
Market trends for manuka honey

The global market for manuka honey is expected to grow at a lucrative compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2017-2023. The change in the lifestyle of the people which has led to the changing preferences along with the acceptance of healthy consumption of food products has been the market driving factor for this. The growing awareness among public to channelize the nutrients absorbed by them has expanded the market industry of manuka honey.

Advantages and Disadvantages of manuka honey:


It has antibacterial and antibiotic properties. This product contains hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal (MG) which are responsible for the antibacterial and antibiotic properties it possesses. Although MG is present in most honeys but its concentration is very high in manuka honey. 
It is helpful in treating wounds and burns. This product is helpful in decreasing the time required to heal wounds and mild burns. It also assists in fighting against infections, thus promoting an entire healing.
It is helpful in maintaining a good oral health. Manuka honey is useful in the prevention of gingivitis and dental caries, thus maintaining the oral health.
It helps in reducing inflammation. This product is effective in reducing inflammation of the esophagus which takes place in an individual after one has undergone chemotherapy.
It is helpful in lowering the cholesterol levels. Manuka honey, if used in place of sugar, can help an individual in decreasing and maintaining the cholesterol levels of the body.
It helps in promoting the gastrointestinal health. This product reduces the pathogens surviving in the gastrointestinal pathway of a person, thus improving the gastrointestinal health.
It reduces the acid reflux, stomach acid and SIBO. Manuka honey acts on the concerned bacteria Clostridium and helps in preventing these conditions.


It may cause allergic reactions. This product might not suit every individual as effectively and can lead to situations like weight gain and increased blood pressure.


Manuka honey has been a good choice for nutritious supplements. It extends a wide range of benefits to the consumer and has witnessed a fair gain in the market.