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Global Demand for Botox



Botox essentially refers to the neuro toxic proteinBotulinum toxin (BTX), produced by a bacteria called clostridium botulinum. The growing demands put forth by women to suppress the contraction of their muscles have consequently altered the market scene of Injectable skin care drugs, with a positive growth drive factor; however there have been numerous studies divulging the side effects observed in the cases of movie stars after the usage of Botox. This hasn’t inhibited the growth of market for skin care drugs whatsoever. There are various categories of Botox labeled using alphabets ranging from A to G. The types A, B, E and F are capable of causing diseases to humans and similarly the other types cause diseases to animals. However, the commercial market is for Botox toxin categories A and B for their propitious usage in pharmaceutical sector and cosmetic industries. They are employed to effectively reduce the intensity of diseases characterized by over active muscles and diseases caused due to muscle spasms.

Market value of Botox:

Botox toxins can efficaciously treat cervical dystonia, muscle spasms in upper and lower limbs, severe under arm sweating, eye muscle conditions caused due to nerve disorders, overactive bladder, incontinence caused by nerve disorders such as spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis and chronic migraine headaches in adults. It is essential to note that Botox toxins should never be used to treat common head ache issues. The worldwide rampancy of various muscle stiffness conditions has potentially driven the growth rate of Botox toxin market. The global market value is said to increase to a great extent by 2022 at a significant Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent, as reported by market analysts. Allergan, ipsen, medytox and libp are the key competitive manufacturers in the Botox industry.

Market trend:

The pervasiveness of diseases pertaining to nerve disorders has increased manifold in the recent years due to the change in life style patterns adapted by people. Consequently, this has served as a huge market driver for Botox market. However, the side effects for intake of Botox drug has shook up the market growth. Allergic reactions to Botox drug could sometimes be life threatening in all possible senses. The possible side effects include swelling of facial parts, nausea, cold and flu symptoms, increased under arm sweating, troubled breathing and muscular movements, loss of bladder control effectively leading to less or no urination at all, problems pertaining to eyes and vision and chest related troubles including pain and tightness. 


The growing awareness for beauty and personal care, the efficient combination treatments encompassing non invasive cosmetic surgeries and effective muscle spasm treatments have driven the growth potential for Botox toxin drugs and it could possibly grow in the impending years.