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Several Uses of the Folic acid and the drug Folate



Folic Acid is one of the most important nutrients that is required by the woman’s body in different stages of life. Folate is a drug that is used as a supplement to improve the levels of folic acid. Folic Acid is nothing but a form of Vitamin B that is soluble in water. It is one of the only compounds of vitamin B that can be absorbed easily by the body. Some kinds of folic acid are used to help a woman with pregnancy, skin cancer, and colon cancer. Research is also underway to prove that folic acid is helpful in the treatment of memory loss and Alzheimer’s and also hearing loss.

Market for Folate:

Of all the above listed uses, Folic Acid is mostly used in the pregnancy and its associated areas. This is because pregnant women need iron to ensure that there is enough blood supply and nutrients for both the fetus and the mother. Pregnant women suffer from anemia or tired blood syndrome. Folic acid can be extremely useful in the prevention of miscarriages and diseases and syndromes like neural tube analysis. According to, region wise market, Asia Pacific region has the largest market share for folates because of the high population growth rate and the increasing importance for maternity healthcare. The market for folic acid is divided into the following types namely source, type, application and geography.Following the Asian markets, North American markets have the highest demand for folic acid not only for purposes of consumption but also research and development and then the European markets.

Uses of Folic Acid and the drug Folate:

  • Helps to prevent anemia and tired blood syndrome.
  • Helps to ensure a successful pregnancy with minimum complications
  • Folic acid is used in the prevention of skin, colon and cervical cancer.
  • It is also used in the prevention and treatment of heart diseases
  • Research has shown that folic acid has proven to be successful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Foods that are rich in folic acid and can prevent Folate deficiency in women:
  • Broccolis are the best sources of folic acid
  • Avocado’s and lentils that can be included as a part of our daily intake in our diets which can supplement the source of folic acid


Folic Acid is an important and vital source of Vitamin B for the human body and especially for the female body. It is being excessively used in helping women have successful pregnancies by giving them the necessary supplements of iron and moreover research has also proved that it can help in preventing and curing various other severe diseases as well.

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