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Benefits of Brown Sugar and why it is a better choice than other options


brown sugarIntroduction:

Brown sugar is a different kind of sugar that isn’t processed as much as white sugar. It has a distinct brown color because of substances called molasses. Brown sugar has a very gentle structure and is moist in nature. It as such cannot be used in industrial production and must undergo processing before it can be used for other purposes.Some industries may also permit the addition of dyes to brown sugar.

Market for brown sugar:

The market industry for brown sugar can be divided based on the following:

Based on the colour intensity, the market can be divided into light brown and dark brown sugars.The molasses in the brown sugar are the particles that are responsible for its colour. The taste of the sugar also depends on the amount of molasses that it contains.

The market is divided based on the nature, i.e., natural brown sugar, organic brown sugars and regular brown sugar. The natural brown sugar is produced per age old and traditional methods in order to preserve the natural, moist and organic feel. The organic feel of the product plays a very important and major role in determining the value of the product. Sometimes brown sugar that is sold in the market contains various additives that are not naturally occurring substances in order to give it an organic feel.

Based onapplication, the Brown Sugar Market can be divided into confectioneries, bakeries, syrups, beverages, and others. Also, the other application of brown sugar is its distinctive taste. Hence, replacement of regular sugar will add the distinctive taste to the item.   

Advantages of brown sugar

  • Raw sugar undergoes less processing than the white sugar which helps it to retain some of the nutrients that aren’t found in white sugar.
  • Brown sugar has coarser grains which gives an organic look to the customer.
  • Raw and Brown sugar almost have the same benefits, however brown sugar contains a dab of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium more than that of white sugar.
  • They differ from each other in terms of taste due to the presence of molasses in brown sugar which is a benefit if you like the taste of molasses.
  • Most Bakers and bakeries are replacing white sugar with brown sugar due to its nutritional benefits and brown sugar adds a distinct taste to the product which is slowly becoming a favourite among the masses.


Brown sugar has a totally different crowd that is attracted to it. Though the health benefits are miniscule, brown sugar is still gaining a lot of popularity from across the globe.

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