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Bay Leaf – Its Applications, Speciality and Benefits


Bay Leaf When it comes to cooking, the most difficult decision is ‘how much’ to actually include in the dish. What makes it more difficult is to understand the fact that whatever one cooks, is basically on high risk. But of course, cooking is still considered one of the best activities and professions to take up. It is crucial to know that the one thing that intrigues people about cooking is how different people can make the same dish so brilliantly, and with difference in taste, presentation and so on. And secondly, what also makes them the happiest is when the food is nothing but delicious. And so, flavour tops the charts with ‘how much to eat’ and there’s nothing better than bay leaves, wild and crisp that can actually make wonders happen with the taste.

Core Market of Bay Leaf Industry

The Bay Leaf Market industry has its core in the Asia Pacific region since there is a great application in cuisines as well as medicines and cosmetics. The Asia Pacific bay leaf market has been segmented into regions such as Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia.Cooking is a habit that has basically converted itself into a global market. With such huge improvements in the industry today, one also gets to think about how they can use bay leaves and recently, one very famous ‘fish soup’ came up, that was dependent on the flavour of bay leaves that was basically used for people who were fasting and could consume it after sunset to break their fast.

The speciality of bay leaves and where all they are used

Apart from their extraordinary taste, bay leaves are also meant for how amazing they smell. Whenever it is used to cook some dish, it is always the smell of the bay leaves that is sharper and stronger than their taste. And this is basically because of their chemical compounds and what all they are made of. With a beautifully blend mixture of oregano, cinnamon, eucalyptus, turpentine, and other such essential elements that are used to give some splendid flavour to the food is what bay leaves contain. Each of these elements contains their own speciality and gives the food an exotic taste, whenever used.


It is often noticed that these leaves serve other purposes too. One of the main purposes that it is, apart from flavour, is also killing insects. The smell of these bay leaves, if burnt in some area, keep mosquitoes and other insects away by killing them and making sure that the environment is hygienic. It has other similar functions that make this the most special after taste!

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