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A brief outlook and benefits of egg protein


 egg proteins To begin with egg proteins can be found in both egg white and egg yolk. A whole large egg is said to contain approximately 6.5 grams of egg protein in all, out of which the egg yolk protein is around 3 grams and the rest of it is the egg white protein.

Egg protein can be bifurcated into three broad sections including whole egg protein powder, egg yolk protein powder and egg white protein powder in particular.

Market overview of Egg Protein

The Europe Egg Protein Market based on the product type is segmented into egg white powder, whole egg powder and egg yolk powder. Also, the global market of egg protein, as for now is valued at more than about 1000 million U.S. Dollars and growing at a compound annual growth rate of approximately somewhere between 1% and2%, this market is expected to reach at a value of more than about 1100 million U.S. Dollars anytime in between the upcoming period of five years.

The major market driving factors influencing the growth of the market industry of egg protein at a global level are –

  • In order to cope up with the nutritional deficiencies, a large number of food and beverages stuff have got egg protein combined with them as per the data lately. This in turn helps in increasing the number of end users of egg proteins. These include the use of egg protein in various bakery products including cakes, pastries, breads, biscuits, etc. Moreover it is used up and added while making some kinds of ice creams as well. To add to its usage it is used up with meat products as well. That's not all,it is even made use of in sports food to increase their nutritional value to help the sports persons to get the right amount of proteins as needed. This increased usage of egg protein is playing a vital role in fuelling the market growth of its industry at a global level due to the increased demand of it worldwide.
  • Another major factor expected to affect the market growth of this industry in a positive way is the rising number of people who are extremely conscious about their health and are thereby moving towards nutritional food.
  • More people are being fitness oriented and thereby prefer protein intake being it an essential source of appropriate nutrition, thereby helping the market of egg protein to grow at a global level.
  • The food and beverages market is continuously rising enormously in India, Brazil and China which will surely boost up the market growth of this industry at a large.

Mc Donald recently came up with a new item on its menu, called the Egg White Delight, which contains yolk free egg protein and after it have been enjoyed  the first movers advantage, other fast food outlets are expected to bring in such an item in their menus too. This will definitely prove out to be great in augmenting the global market of egg protein.