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Various Functions of Infant Incubator



It often becomes important to make sure that the mental and physicalInfant Incubator health of an infant is taken well into consideration. Which is why, when they’re born, they are sent in for testing and a lot of things are kept in mind, like the blood flow of the baby, size, weight, growth and so on. And one of the most common topics of discussion therefore becomes the size and the weight of these infants when they are born. Some infants are premature, and some new-borns can’t function due to some deficiency.

What’s New in the global market?

The global infant incubator market is anticipated to reach nearly 210 thousand units by the end of 2022 from 140 thousand units in 2017, thereby registering at a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9% during the forecast period. Owing to several advantages which enable the overall well-being of newborns, the infant incubators market is expected to propel lucratively in the future. Latest innovations in infant incubators have improved the rate of survival of preterm infants and have lessened the neonatal hypothermia. As per World Health Organization (WHO), the total number of premature births in over 15 million each year.

The various functions of NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units)

Neonatal describes ‘new born infants’ or something that relates to a new born baby’s origin. And to take care of these things, there are specialised nurses who are assigned from the government in some countries, and are specially trained to make sure that these things are prevented. These nurses are the Neonatal nurses, and each of them is assigned different jobs in which they specialise. The problem of premature infants, or some complications in pregnancies and other child related problems have been occurring since decades now. A lot of things have resulted in child problems and complications. Along with different kinds of people required to do these things, there are different machines also that help the nurses and doctors figure out the child’s reports and stability. There are certain devices like incubators, those that make sure that the environmental conditions are perfect for the new born, other devices like bloody pressure monitors to calculate the blood pressure by wrapping a pressure cap around the baby’s arm, and most importantly, there’s an oxygen hood that helps in delivering oxygen to the baby’s body. There are many such devices that are used to make sure that the baby’s health is maintained.

However, with these devices, there are a lot of functions. Most of these devices are used to detect certain problems and their causes. Some major problems are anaemia, jaundice, infant respiratory distress syndrome, and many such problems that can come in the way of an infant’s growth.


Since medicine has advanced and so has the need for growing in the technological field, new born babies are now facing less problems and are growing in a  good and healthy condition. Doctors are now looking forward to developing newer and newer methods to let go off diseases that might spread in the new born baby’s body and have tried to understand the medicines and causes of these problems through these devices.