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Importance of Pneumococcal Vaccine



It has been decades since the beginning and discovery of this disease,Pneumococcal Vaccine and it has grown ever since. However, this has also brought in a lot of improvements in the field of medicine. To go back to understanding this problem better, one needs to understand the term ‘Pneumococcal Disease.’ To be put simply, this term is basically an infection, that can have the potential to spread all across the body, and this kind of disease arises through a certain type of bacteria named Streptococcus pneumonia. This is one of the leading causes of pneumonia in our bodies and it makes the body function very difficult.

It does not only cause pneumonia, but a lot of other illnesses such as an infection in the blood, an infection of the ‘middle-ear,’ and so on and so forth. This is also known to be one of the most dangerous diseases that can result in the death of a new born, if not vaccinated beforehand.

Market Trends of Pneumococcal Vaccine

In 2016, the revenue generated by the Pneumococcal Vaccine market on a global level was nearly 6768 M USD, and the global production was around 126 million doses. One major factor that is accountable for the lucrative growth of the global Pneumococcal Vaccine market is escalated demand for vaccines along with wide serotype coverage.

Further details and functions

This type of bacteria can cause a lot of other problems. To understand these better, it is better to understand its categories as well. This kind of bacteria has two of the most common diseases that spread across the world. The first one of those kinds is the non-invasive pneumococcal disease. This disease can spread across the blood, and can create hazardous diseases. Majorly, it is said to spread across the nose and the entire respiratory system.

The second type of disease that that this bacteria causes is invasive pneumococcal diseases. What this disease does is something more serious and it spreads across the entire blood system. This gives the patient a very hard time and sometimes isn’t even easy to deal with. This directly affects the brain and the brain system, and this therefore affects the way in which the body functions.


Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death in a lot of places in India, especially, due a lot of factors. Sometimes, things like money, habits, germs, sanitation, and so on. What also needs to be considered is that it is of utmost importance for not only adults, but new born babies who need this injection right when they’re born, because not getting this injection definitely means that one is living with a risk in their life. Vaccination makes life earlier and germ free and the awareness of these types of vaccinations need to spread across the globe because there are still some families and people who can’t afford to get this.

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