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What is Urinary Catheters



In medicine, a catheter is a narrow tube which is made from medical grade materials and used for a large number of purposes in diagnosis and management of diseases. The first flexible catheter was invented in America in the 18th century by Benjamin Franklin, when he designed the flexible tube for his brother who was suffering from urinary bladder stones in 1752. The catheter he designed was made of metal segments hinged together with a wire. In his footnote of the letter in Volume IV of Papers of Benjamin Franklin (1959), Benjamin Franklin has credited  Francesco Roncelli-Pardino in 1720 as the inventor of  flexible catheter.

For urinary catheterization, a latex or polyurethane, or silicone made tube is used in modern day. It is inserted into the urinary bladder via urethra. It is used for draining urine from bladder, injecting liquids for diagnosis or treatment of various medical conditions of the bladder. It may be done by physician or nurse or even self.  Catheterization may be permanent or intermittent.

Types of urinary catheter

  • A Foley’s catheter or indwelling urinary catheter is retained in the bladder by help of a balloon tip which is inflated by sterile water.  The balloons have different sizes- 5 cm3 and 30 cm3. They are made of silicone rubber or natural rubber.
  • An intermittent catheter/Robinson catheter is used for drainage of urine in short term. It does not have any balloon in its tip and hence cannot be retained in the bladder. It can be hydrophilic coated or non-coated.
  • A coudé catheter has been designed with a curved tip which enables it to pass easily through the curvature the prostatic urethra.
  • A hematuria catheter is a type of Foley catheter which is used for Post-TURP hemostasis. It is useful in the case of gross hematuria or after endoscopic surgical procedures.
  • Condom catheter is external and used for incontinence by males, which carries lesser risks of infection than indwelling catheter.

Disclaimer: The information given in this write-up is purely for educating the reader. It is not meant to be a substitute for any advice from a medical expert.

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