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Brief about Bariatric Bed.


The word bariatrics was coined around 1965 and it comes from the Greek words bar- meaning weight, -iatr meaning treatment and –ic meaning pertaining to. Bariatric bed is a bed for overweight and obese patients in hospitals, homes, clinics, rehab centers, and nursing homes.

Latest bariatric beds:

  • Bari 10A Bariatric Bed by Stryker- expansion and retraction with color coded levers; centre mounted 5th wheel to provide additional pivot point; expands 6 inches on each side; bariatric patient helper made of tubular steel which aids the patient to reposition their upper portion of the body;
  • Hill-Rom Excel Care® ES Bariatric Hospital Bed- Pressure redistribution air surface which aids in treatment and prevention of bed sores; Programmable Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) which prevents ventilator associated complications; Expandable frame & surface (40”- 50”) which increases patient comfort; Adjustable bed length (80”- 88”) which reduces the need for repositioning and migration; multiple grip points and patient-helper trapeze which helps in repositioning; low bed height: 17"; 1000 pounds patient weight capacity
  • Drive Full Electric Bariatric Bed- heavy duty steel frame;  extra-large 48" sleeping surface; weight capacity up to 750 pounds; hand control for multiple bed positions; emergency manual crank
  • Arjohuntleigh Citadel Plus Bariatric Care Bed- weight capacity up to 1000 pounds; VariZone Patient Movement and Exit Detection technology- which alerts caregivers on abnormal patient movement; AES (Anti-Entrapment System) to prevent injury and damage to equipment; 3 width expansion options from 86.4cm (34 in) to 121.9cm (48 in); chair position button; AtmosAir™ Plus and Skin IQ® 1000 technology which helps protect skin against sores and ulcers; SafeSet technology which gives visual alerts to caregivers on 4 variables- brake status, side rail position, VariZone and bed height; head of bed angle indicator; adjustable mattress size; waterproof , durable, permeable mattress cover; sloped heel section to remove weight off vulnerable heel area; integrated weight scale;

Disclaimer: The information given in this write-up is purely for educating the reader. It is not meant to be a substitute for any advice from a medical expert.