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Natural Healing Power of Aromatherapy Oils


The source of aromatherapy and aromatherapy oils dates back to thousands of years to ancient Rome, China, Greece and Egypt. However, it is only in the past few decades that it has been determined as an essential component of holistic healing and well being. Aromatherapy makes use of aromatic plant oils and other distilled plant materials, which includes essential oils and many other aroma compounds for enhancing physical or psychological well-being. Research done on aromatherapy oils market suggest that safe and controlled use of these oils result in benefiting mental as well as physical health. Aromatherapy can be proposed as complementary therapy or polemically in the form of alternative medicine. The list of aromatherapy oils is endless, but one has to keep in mind the art of using particular oil in a certain way without harming the health or having adverse reactions.

Along with a standard designed treatment, complementary therapy can be given tangential to the existing treatment. There are dedicated aromatherapists who master the practice of aromatherapy, use the blends of several essential oils having therapeutic properties, which could be given through massage, topical application, water immersion, inhalation to regulate a much required response. Even though there do not exist any medically proven evidence that aromatherapy can either cure or prevent any said disease, it may assist in enhancing and bettering the overall general well-being. Aromatherapy oils merge the body, mind and spirit to attain most favorable wellbeing and health. There are two basic ways of using essential oils in aromatherapy – by applying onto the skin or by inhaling.

A few modes of application of aromatherapy oils:

  • Direct inhalation – decongestant, respiratory disinfection, expectoration plus psychological effects
  • Aerial diffusion – as a room freshener or aerial disinfectant
  • Topical application – baths, skin care, general massage, etc.

Benefits and Storing of Aromatherapy Oils:

Aromatherapy oils are essential oils exclusively water distilled or steam distilled from several ingredients that are natural in nature and yields aroma to stimulate mind and body of a person. The natural ingredients from which the aromatherapy oils are derived might include roots, leaves, stems, or any elements of the plants which are therapeutically beneficial. One must keep in mind that these oils are extremely concentrated and a few might even require carrier oils in order to dilute. So as to attain superior complex aroma, one could mix multiple aromatherapy oils together. Mixing of multiple oils might need therapist knowledge, for avoiding any kind of adverse effects.


  • Can be used in laundry as well as household cleaners
  • Physical and mental health trigger positively
  • Makes great facial toners and shampoos
  • To make shower gels, perfumes and natural soaps
  • Natural insect repellents

Lastly, it is best to keep aromatherapy oils away from direct sunlight or fire, since they can be highly inflammable. They generally come in small bottles so that the aroma is not leaked.

Disclaimer: The information given in this write-up is purely for educating the reader. It is not meant to be a substitute for any advice from a medical expert.